Our Origin

Pioneer Custom Powder Coater

In 1969 partners Jim Cummings, Ray Erickson and Chuck Cummings pioneered powder coating in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Utilizing Vinyl and Epoxy Powders, their company Fluidized-Bed Dip coated products for GE, American Sterilizer, Zurn Industries and others.

In 1984, John and Chuck Cummings started Erie PowderCoating Technology in order to further promote the powder coating process. Initially, the company focused upon developing the tribo-charge or powderstatic powder coating process. Eventually, the Girard, PA plant concentrated on serving the needs of their powder coating customers.

Today, Erie Powder Coating continues serving the Tri-state area and beyond by applying epoxy, vinyl, nylon, polyethylene, urethane and polyester coating powders to their customers products. CEO Bart Cummings continues the tradition, established by his Father and Uncles before him by providing high quality, professional powder coating services for all customers.